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2011 News Archives

07/09/11 Girl Hit By Truck After Fireworks Festival in NC

Date and Time:  7/11/2011    Location:
Taylor Street
New Castle
Lawrence County
07/09/11 A teenager reportedly was struck by a pickup truck on Taylor Street in the city of New Castle around 10:30 p.m. The accident occurred just at the conclusion of the New Castle Fireworks Festival during which time a large amount of traffic was leaving the city. A huge crowd which had gathered on a wall next to the CVS pharmacy to watch fireworks also became witness to a horrific tragedy that unfolded just in front of them. The victim who is believed to be a 19 year-old woman, was screaming in pain as she laid on the roadway while medical personnel attended to her. Noga Ambulance Service transferred the victim to the heliport at Jameson Hospital where she was then taken by medical helicopter to a nearby trauma center. We are waiting to hear if any charges will be filed in this incident.

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