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2012 News Archives

05/27/12 Missing Teens Found Near Kennedy Mills

Date and Time:  5/27/2012    Location:
Frew Mill Road
Slippery Rock Township
Lawrence County
Around 3:30 this morning, a call came into Lawrence County 911 stating that a teenager was missing in the woods in Slippery Rock Twp., Lawrence County. Rescue workers arriving on the scene quickly located the missing teen but was told there were as many as 10 others in the woods. The incident occurred in an area near Kennedy Mills on Frew Mill Road which is near Camp Agawam, the Boy Scout camp. This is where the command center was established. State Police were called and rescuers began seeing other teens coming from different areas of the woods. State Police say a total of 11 teens were involved ranging in age of 15 to 18. One was a girl. State Police interogated the group for nearly an hour at the scene. They said the teens were not being charged with any offenses. State police lectured the group on what they had done, especially the inconvienence to emergency rescuers who had to respond in the early morning hours.

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