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2011 News Archives

01/03/11 Elderly Man Dies in Union Township Fire

Date and Time:  1/3/2011    Location:
814 Cameron Road
Union Township
Lawrence County
This video is currently available to only "Emergency Personnel". It is a Hi-Def video, the maximum quality that we at KDSTV.com can provide on the web. It requires a fast Internet and fast computer to play a Hi-Def Video. Currently, viewers who have responded to our test videos, have experienced a 75-80 % success in playing the video without problems. If you have problems playing the video without stopping, try pausing the video immediately after starting it and wait for the video to load. Most of our news video will not be in Hi-Def for some time. You will have available hi-quality standard definition video with full screen capability that will play with about the same success as you have had previously. The older videos will play with reduced quality much like you have had to endure in the past. This video will be replaced with a Standard Definition video in a few days and should play more smoothly for you.

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