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05/19/12 Man Trapped Under ATV in North Beaver Twp

Date and Time:  5/19/2012    Location:
Montgomery Avenue Crossing / Covert Road
North Beaver Township
Lawrence County
05/19/12  A 911 cell phone call was placed around 4:30 this morning from a man who was trapped under his overturned ATV in North Beaver Township. It was first believed that the man was in Taylor Township but after pin-pointing the cell-phone call, it was determined he was in North Beaver Township along the railroad tracks about one-half mile from Montgomery Ave. Several policemen from New Castle found the man and removed the ATV from the victim. New Beaver Fire Department provided their rescue ATV and brought the victim back to the Montgomery Crossing where the ambulance and state police were waiting for the man. Still clutching his cell-phone, the man complained of hip pain and was transferred to Jameson Hospital. His name was not immediately available but is expected state police will have more information later today.

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