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2009 News Archives

02/08/09 Hickory Township Family Rescued After Creek Overflows

Date and Time:  2/8/2009    Location: Algoma Lane, Hickory Twp. , Lawrence County
Ed and Sandra Hilton were caught by surprise when an ice jam on the Neshannock Creek caused the frigid waters to surround their home on Algoma Lane. Three dogs belonging to their son, Russell, were in great danger, even one of them treading water trying to get on top of his dog box. The Hiltons called their son who was at work nearby and he rushed to the scene to find that the creek had cut off access to his home, Fearing for his dogs’ lives, Russell took off his coat, set aside his cell phone and swam across the creek which had become a raging river. He was able to get all three dogs to safety. Members of the Hickory Township fire department and Neshannock Township fire department used the county’s rescue boat to bring the Hiltons and their three dogs to safety. Many other homes were being threatened by the rising waters but most of those home’s residents elected to stay in their homes.

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Length: 6:43

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